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The Worlds Most Detailed Numerology Report
How Do Your Birthday And Names Influence Your Success in all Areas of Life?

Your birthdate reveals your unique life purpose, potentials, talents, weaknesses, and karma in this life.
Your names show what you attract into your life regarding your career, relationships, happiness, money, and success.


Unlock Your Highest Potential
Know Your Numerology



200+ pages about YOU
What is your Soul blueprint and Name Report?

Simple! It's the world's most comprehensive numerology report, exploring your soul blueprint and name analysis

Your Soul Blueprint offers an unparalleled, in-depth numerological reading, revealing all your innate energies and potentials, personal success codes, joy, and flow in life, as well as your unique strengths, talents, challenges, and life lessons.

Moreover, you'll gain a thorough analysis of your full name (name chart, vocation chart, and personality chart), assessing how well your name supports you in every aspect of life, from love and relationships to career and beyond.

Online Membership & 200+ Page Report

Delve into your comprehensive Soul Blueprint with over 41 numerological energies. Explore your unique codes for inner joy, success, flow in actions, and harmony in relationships through your online member page and in-depth report.

Master Chaldean Numerology Through Self-Discovery

Learn about yourself and the most advanced, accurate numerology system: Chaldean numerology. Gain a deep understanding of key concepts while uncovering your personal numbers.

Unlock the Secrets of Your 5 Numerology Charts

From soul level to life mission, thought patterns to emotional tendencies, and physical circumstances, understand yourself inside-out through five revealing charts.

Maximize Your Strengths, Talents & Success Codes

Unlock your innate talents and receive guidance on using them. Work with your personal energies, and follow your Universal Blueprint for greater flow, success, luck, and happiness.

Analyze Your 3 Name Charts & Life Attractions

Understand the experiences your names attract, whether they support your life mission, and how others perceive you. Align your desires with what you attract in the physical world.

Learn from 100,000 World-Famous People's Patterns

Our extensive statistics reveal crucial number codes and their potentials. See how your numbers translate into specific careers and talents based on insights from famous individuals.

Identify Patterns & Problem Areas in Your Life

Examine your entire setup to identify recurring themes and problem areas. Gain insights into the energies that create resistance in your life.

Evaluate Your Names & Unlock Higher Self

Receive a holistic assessment of your name setup and discover how a name change session with a numerologist could improve your life. Unlock the keys to becoming a higher version of yourself.

Elevate your life with your Soul Blueprint

Embrace your numerological Soul Blueprint to enhance your life. Gain insights into your potentials, pitfalls, and soul's desires, empowering you to make aligned life decisions while exploring your actions, communication, feelings, and thoughts.

Are you ready for a quantum leap?
When you follow your Soul Blueprint, you will find that ...

Here are some of the benefits you can experience by knowing your innate, numerological energies and potentials:

The universe shines through you

Embrace your innate energies and let the universe's unique vibration flow through you. Attract harmony, abundance, and manifest your dream life with ease, connecting with the perfect opportunities, relationships, and career.

You discover your life mission

Unlock your Soul Blueprint to access your unique life purpose. Gain newfound confidence and align your desires with your mission, focusing on what truly uplifts and fulfills you.

You manifest your dreams

Utilize numerology to identify your significant numbers, gain a deeper understanding of yourself, and align your goals with your unique energy. Turn your numbers into a powerful manifestation tool.

You heal your inner blockages

Uncover your numbers to address inner blocks and negative beliefs. Illuminate your natural codes for harmony, flow, and the most effective ways for you to act and think.

You experience ease and flow

Act with awareness of your unique energies for more flow, success, and inspiration. Discover how to create harmony in your actions and strive for long-term goals.

You harmonize your relationships

Gain insights into your innate energies to improve your relationships. Understand your motivations and those of your loved ones, drawing upon numerology's wisdom to navigate life and relationship situations.

Chaldean Numerology
The worlds most precise archetyping system

Number and talents
Our statistics on the numerology of over 100,000 famous people

Our research shows that successful and famous people live out the universal energies they carry through their numerological BLUEPRINT.

And that there are correlations between certain numbers and certain talents and career choices.

Using advanced software, we have created STATISTICS on over 100,000 successful and famous people in the history of the world. We looked at their Day Vibration, Month Vibration, Year Vibration, Life path Numbers, Names, Vocation chart, Personality chart and correlated the results with their personality traits, career choices and level of success.

And the results are nothing short of astounding…

When we look at the statistics of such a large group of people, we notice certain “trends”, so we can infer that certain innate numbers increase the likelihood of being born with certain talents and abilities.

All numbers have potential for success if you learn to use them correctly. So there are no “good” and “bad” numbers when we talk about innate energies. But it is about the extent to which one is able to pursue the particular TALENTS and unique CODES FOR SUCCESS that one carries in one’s numerological blueprint.

We’ve included some of the most exciting findings in the report so that you can see, for example, how certain of your numbers relate to specific potentials, talents, and career choices. In this way, you can be inspired by some of the world’s most successful people who may have a numerological blueprint similar to yours.

Let the numbers speak for themselves
Some findings from our research

About the creators of the report
Estel and Johannes Ehvass

Our mission...
To give you the most spot on and life transforming personal numerology report ever created. With in-depth descriptions of ALL your numbers, your unique codes for personal success, and the keys to harmony and love in your relationships

Through years of study of the Chaldean numerology system, we have cracked important codes for how to follow your birth numbers and names to achieve success. We've condensed our knowledge into an online interactive membership site and a 200+ page personal report that provides an in-depth description of all your innate energies that add up to your UNIQUE, NUMEROLOGICAL BLUEPRINT.

The report has been years in the making, and we're confident it's the world's most in-depth report you won't find anywhere else.

Why this report is important
Your unique benefits

  • By knowing your innate energies, you will be able to more easily tune into and download your deepest vision and mission in this life.
  • Understand your innate codes for personal success, as well as for flow and love in your relationships.
  • The most important numbers in your charts come along with 5 step keys that help you ACTIVATE your numbers in the most harmonious and fastest way.
  • You can save yourself from making blind choices that are not in line with your true nature, abilities and talents.
  • You are given keys, suggestions and methods - through the descriptions of your numbers - to act in new ways that are more congruent with who you are.
  • You will understand the dynamics between your inner life and your outer life - what tendencies do you show outwardly, and how are your actions in sync with how you feel inside?
  • You will know how to develop in the fastest way to create amazing QUANTUM leaps in your life.
  • You will understand the ARCHITECTURE of your psyche, how your thoughts and emotions affect you, and recognize patterns from your childhood, youth and adult life.
  • You can revisit your childhood and release traumas stored in your subconscious through the numbers that affected you here.
  • Revisit your teenage years to uncover the basis of your survival patterns.
  • Revisit your 20s to rediscover how your social intelligence is built.
  • You can turn up your ability to use the law of attraction by knowing what you really want.
  • You can find out if your desires in life (created by the vowels in your names) actually meet your real, psychological needs.
  • How is your soul's voice being channeled outward through the desires you have in your life?
  • How do others SEE and PERCEIVE you? Can you unintentionally be sending out energies that push other people away? Or do you attract the people you need in your life?
  • How can you reinforce the positive aspects of your KARISMA so that you naturally harness the energies that come with your birth date and names?
  • How you can understand the mechanisms in areas of your life such as your SEX LIFE, your LOVE LIFE, your SOCIAL LIFE, your relationship with your COLLEAGUES, your BUSINESS, CAREERS, your relationship with MONEY and much more.

Your charts are the compass that will guide you to your next level
The Five Chart Numeroscope™

According to the ancient Vedic wisdom that permeates Chaldean numerology, the subtle architecture and psychology of the human being can be described in terms of 5 levels: the soul level, the psychic level, the astral level, the etheric level and the physical level.

This knowledge can be translated into the 5 major numerological charts:

1. Your higher self (your full birth date)
2. Your psyche chart (calculated from your birth date)
3. Your vocation chart (created from the vowels in your name)
4. Your personality chart (created from the consonants in your names)
5. Your name chart (created from your names)

In the Numerology Soul Blueprint and Name Report, you will be taken through your Five Chart Numeroscope™ discovering new aspects of your essential self as you peel an onion, layer by layer. You'll get the keys to opening up the energies in your numbers, using them in the most positive way, and avoiding the pitfalls in your numbers that represent your personal karma and life lessons.

Karma, hidden talents and highest potential
1. Your Higher Self Chart

Your Karma
The energies that you come with from previous lives. What thoughts and emotions you need to heal and release to become the fullest version of your self.
Your hidden talents
When you start living according to the numbers in your Higher Self you unleash hidden talents within you, things you might not even have known that you were good at.
Your Highest Potential
Knowing the numbers in your higher self allows you to fully awaken your highest potential and get right to the essence of what it is you are supposed to be doing in this life.

Genius, social intelligence and psychic development
2. Your Psyche Chart

Awaken Your Genius
How your mind works when its at its best. The steps you must take to awaken your inner genius.
Your Emotional Architecture
How you process your emotions and deal with the emotions of other people. Your social intelligence and how you alchemize emotion.
Your Psychic Journey
How your psyche develops in your childhood, teenage years, twenties. Build upon this knowledge to fully awaken your adult potential.

Channeling the energy of your soul into your life
3. Your Vocation Chart

Your Vocation Chart
The vocation chart is built from the vowels in your name and shows your innermost, secret and hidden desires. Awakening these numbers helps you to fully activate and harness the law of attraction.

Your Hearts Desire Number
This is the strongest number in your vocation chart and is a conclusion of all your desires.

Your magic charisma
4. Your Personality Chart

Your Personality Chart
The personality chart is built from the consonants in your names. The numbers in your personality chart show your charisma and how other people see you. Awakening the power of these numbers will give you a magnetic charisma that mesmerizes other people, which will speed up how fast you attain your goals.

Your Personality Number
This number is a conclusion of all the numbers in your personality chart and is the main energy that people feel the moment they think about you or see you.

The unfolding of your life
5. Your Name Chart

Your First Name
Shows the first impression you give other people and how you instinctively handle things, events or people the first time you encounter them.

Your Middle Names
Shows what you identify with - and how you see your self. Important for your emotional stability and wellbeing.

Your Surname
Shows the generations of karma programmed into your family name, and which you bring into your own life - especially in intimate relations.

Your Life Expression Number
Shows your career path and your relationship to money and wealth.
Your Relationship Numbers
Show whether you are attracting good, nurturing and loving relationships - or quite the opposite!
Your Communication Numbers
Show how you communicate with others and whether others grasp your message. Are you attracting opportunities - or creating misunderstandings?

Your Brand Numbers
Show how others see or perceive you. These numbers are important for success and for generating wealth.

How good are your names?

We look at the different types of patterns that exist within and between the various numerological charts. Patterns are whether there are numbers or constellations of numbers that repeat in certain ways, which can reveal whether there are certain themes in life that are reinforced.

Problem areas
Here we look at the worst problem areas in the setup. There are certain numbers that can cause problems, especially when they are in certain positions.

Vocation and Personality chart points
How good are your Vocation and Personality Charts, which are made up of the vowels and consonants of your name? Our scoring system rates both charts as a single system and awards points between -50 and 100.

Name chart points
We also do an evaluation of the name chart and look at the major problem areas.

Overall evaluation
Finally, we do an overall evaluation of the vocation, personality, and name chart to assess how good the names are, whether they support the innate essence, or whether they create problems.

Layer by layer
Revealing Your Most Profound Depths

In this report we will be going through your 5 major Chaldean charts which goes through every aspect of your personality alll the way up from the level of the soul down to what you experience in day to day physical life

The higher self chart
Your soul numbers

The numbers in the higher self chart are created solely by the numbers in our birth date. The essence numbers (common denomination of all the numbers in the Higher Self) are some of the most fascinating numbers in numerology as they tell the story of your unique life mission in this incarnation.
The numbers in the higher self can never be changed as you cannot change the day that you were born!

The psychic self chart
Your psyche numbers

The psychic self is a fascinating chart that the chaldean numerologist uses to look deeply into the psyche. It is used after analyzing the higher self to go even more in-depth with the person’s psyche and mental development. During our lives different psychological needs, faculties and psychic powers awaken within us. The psychic self chart is a map that shows us when, where and in which areas of our lives our latent possibilities and highest potentials will awaken. In this way we can use this chart to get the best out of our lives by tuning into the fascinating aspects that the chart reveals to us.

The vocation chart
Your vocation numbers

We build the heart’s desire chart from the vowel values in your name. They tell about your desires, likes/dislikes, and the hidden motives behind everything that you do. These numbers also show you what your true intentions are behind your many choices. These numbers are also “resonators,” meaning that they attract what you desire into your life. These numbers show how you like to use your time – your hobbies and your interests.

The personality chart
Your personality numbers

We build the personality chart from the consonants in your names. Consonants are what give the actual “form” to the words, while vowels are more subtle and hidden. While your vocation chart maps out your inner desires, intention and will, your personality numbers define your personality and charisma – your “outer” and “final form” that you take in the physical world. We see here the characteristics, traits, and qualities that you transmit to the outer world. The personality chart is the map of the first impression you give to others, and for the most part, this is how far you let others get to know you.

The name chart
Your names

Together with the birth day vibration, your names create all the other numbers in the human self chart: the auras, the theme of life, the column, the backbone, the number of vitality, the radiation number, and the centers. The human self is the most “physical” of the charts and tells us what we meet in life – what are the actual physical outcomes that we meet. In this section, we explore the meanings of your names and their energetic implications.

And finally
Your life areas

In this section we explore your different life areas: Your communication, your brand, your love and sex life, your friends, your colleagues and your relationship to money. All these things can be read from your name chart.

Mini Chaldean Numerology Course included
Learn numerology while gaining deep insight into yourself and your energies

The first part of the report is a mini course in the most important aspects of Chaldean numerology, so that you are fully prepared to go through your charts and personal numerology.

Going through your charts is also a brilliant way to begin your journey into numerology by both gaining a deep insight into yourself and your deepest potentials - AND learning about the different positions, numbers and meanings in all the numerological charts. This way you get an introduction to Chaldean Numerology while learning about your personal numbers/energies.

Your membership site

Explore your numbers on the member page where you can see different charts and information about your unique numbers and how to apply this information in your life for maximum results.

Your Five Chart Numeroscope
Descriptions of all your numbers
Steps to unlock your number codes
In-depth evaluation of your names

Download as a report

You can also download your report from the Members Page and save it to your desktop. The content of the report is exactly the same as what you find on the Members Page - just compressed into a manual that you can download to your computer.

200+ pages

Probably the most detailed numerology report in the world with over 200 pages of deep insights into numerology and your numbers.

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