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an initiation in ancient Chaldean numerology


There are few things more significant than learning the meaning of your numerology chart and the hidden keys embedded in your numbers.

Numerology is one of the deepest and most complex spiritual sciences in the world. Your birthdate and your names reveal DEEP aspects about who you are, where you come from, your former lives, your deepest aspiration, your hidden desires and thoughts and your greatest potential.


MODULE 1 The 9 cornerstones of numerology

Here you will the fundaments of Chaldean numerology served in an easy step by step way:

CORNERSTONE 1: Everything is vibration
CORNERSTONE 2: The numbers 1-9
CORNERSTONE 3: The digit sum
CORNERSTONE 4: Decoding numbers
CORNERSTONE 5: Your names
CORNERSTONE 6: The Numeroscope higher self
CORNERSTONE 7: The Numeroscope human self
CORNERSTONE 8: The science of new names
CORNERSTONE 9: Name purification

SPECIAL BONUS SECTION The journey of your soul through countless incarnations

MODULE 2 The numbers 1-9 in depth

The numbers 1 to 9 are the fundamental building blocks in numerology. Here we run through the numbers looking at their deeper aspects and how they shape your archetype and inner life.

MODULE 3 Understand your chart

In this section we go through the numeroscope step by step. We tell the meaning of each of the positions and what a number in that position means. In this way you will be well on your way to learning numerology at a profound level.

YOUR BIRTH VIBRATION The number of your archetype
YOUR BIG LIFE PATH Your greatest potential in life
YOUR DHARMA Unlock your path in life
YOUR NAMES create your reality …
YOUR LIFE EXPRESSION where your life is leading

and much much more …



Johannes is a numerologist, coach, education leader and the software engineer of Numerologist PRO.

His approach to numerology uses both an understanding of the mathematics together with a deep spiritual intuition.

Johannes was born in Swaziland and raised in Hong Kong. He has a daily practice of yoga, meditation and Kung Fu.


Estel is a numerologist, coach and psychotherapist, education leader and software designer of Numerologist PRO.

Estel has modernized the ancient knowledge of numerology to a completely new level. She also studies the effects of numerology and name change, and has a musicology degree specialized in music, vibration and consciousness.


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So theres really nothing to lose. You can start learning the worlds most profound system of numerology starting TODAY.

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